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Valencia Sailing, opens the touring season of the Regional Youth Sailing Optimist classes, Bic Techno and Laser 4.7. Our sailors David Azurmendi, Mara Garcia and Eduardo Ortuño almost took a clean sweep in the top ranking of the Optimist A

The Youth Regatta Valencia Vela, in which in the Optimist classes A, B and Laser 4.7 Bic Techno Youth and 293 (windsurfing) participated, was held this weekend at the Real Club Náutico de Valencia with 199 sailors from all corners of the Comunitat Valenciana
The RCNT was the only club that participated with teams in all classes convened at the competition, A and B Optimist, Laser 4.7 and T 293.
In the Optimist A – with 67 participants – David Azurmendi, Eduardo Ortuño and Mara Garcia, got the second, third and fourth place respectively. The winner in the female category was Mara Garcia RCN Torrevieja.
In the Optimist class B, the largest with 91 participants, our team received its baptism in the first race of the season meeting more experienced sailors. The guys did their best, fighting bravely and tirelessly to ensure a promising future for the youth of the RCNT dinghy classes. Our best contender was Martina Moya  placed in 8th place overall in this class.
The same situation occurs in our Youth Laser 4.7 team which is composed of kids who have recently joined this class (last season still sailing in Optimist) and have only little experience. However, Antonio Torrado managed to finish sixth in the ranking followed by Juan Servy at 15th  and Fernando Ortuño on 18th .
Brilliant performance of the brothers Oscar and Victor Mir and Manu Cazorla against Francés Hispano members of the Club de Windsurf Valencia. Our surfers fought hard against the strong winds and beat a team with enthusiasm,  almost established itself as CWHF, which promises them a future full of success.


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