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Students of the University of Saint Louis of Madrid in the RCNT

On the morning of April 1, taking advantage of visiting the Valencia Oceanographic Institute and Valencia Department of Biology, who came to Torrevieja for the release of the turtle rescued on 8 October in the waters of Cabo Cervera, one of the activities organized by Marine sensations took place for a group of students from Saint Louis University in Madrid, who are attending the course “Introduction to Oceanography”, while the animal was released into the sea.
Groups of students who come to Torrevieja on a field trip to visit and dive  around the island of Tabarca, visit the Natural Park of the La Mata lagoon, and the Real Club Náutico Torrevieja performed an activity organized by Marine sensations, in which the coordinator, Teresa Pérez explained how to build ports and requirements necessary to obtain a Blue Flag.

After the theoretic lessons, the students were put to sea in the boat and kayak school., and ended their day with a seafood appetizer on the Terrace of the  Real Club Náutico Torrevieja.
Teresa Pérez-Bedmar Curtis
Marine Sensations Coordinator


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