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Spanish Cup Laser 4.7: Unai Peraita and Diego Peirats in the top 10

Unai Peraita and Diego Peirats, Regional Team members were placed in the top 10 overall in the Spanish Cup Laser 4.7
The Regional Laser 4,7 Team, composed of 20 athletes (18 sailors plus their coaches) was the surprise in the Cup of Spain held between 28th  April and 1st May in the RCR of Cartagena.  Valencia rose to all of the podiums and led the Junior Under 16 category.
During the past holiday weekend, between 28th  April and 1st May, in the Cartagena Racing Club the Spanish  Cup was held in this sport with 117 competing sailors. Valencia desired the Copa Autonomic a the Laser 4.7 class very much and presented a selection of sailors from both  Under 18 and Under 16. In all, 18 athletes of the regional team arrived in Cartagena with many illusions and keen to make the best competition. And the results were worth it.
The first day of competition, Sunday, April 29, excessive wind kept the fleet ashore. There were only two days left and too eager in the race course one had to go for broke. Finally able to dispute six tests on Monday and Tuesday. 16 of the 18 sailors of Valencia passed to the gold phase because of their results, and at the end of the day on Tuesday, May 1, the sailors of Valencia managed to be present on all the podiums of the competition.
General absolute
With six races held in the general absolute classification Nahuel Rodriguez of RCN Gran Canaria won with 9 points and three first places, followed by the Sevillian Raul Sanchez, with 15 points. But the third place finish was  for the Alicantese Hector Dominguez.
Among the top ten sailors in the overall total stood Unai Peraita, of RCN Torrevieja, in 6th place, fifth in the category of Male Under 18 and his club colleague, Diego Peirats, in 8th overall and 7th in Men Under 18.
The future knocks on the door.
For German  Gil the Laser class is a form with many possibilities for these young sailors. “Many come from Optimist, which is a great sailing class when they are small … but when they turn 14 years old or weigh over 50 kilos, it’s over, and there are no alternatives.Children see no future and do not sail anymore. Laser Class takes various forms, the school at which they can sail from age 14 and continue with what they love, the sea, the rig is smaller and they can handle it well. Afterwards they can compete  only with a larger rig as youngsters, and even use a Laser Radial or Standard in female  and  male, which are Olympic classes. It is a class where they learn, they enjoy it and have a future. We have recently started … but now there are over 120 sailors in Valencia. Let’s move on. ”
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