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Jesus Rogel in Laser Standard, Unai Peraita and Ascension Roca de Togores, in Laser 4.7 and Europe, were the winners of the Regional Cup. Vernon Cerdan and Mercedes Fdez Pellicer, runners-up in the  Laser Radial class and Europe, respectively.
The Valencia Light  Sailing Trophy – Regional Cup Laser Class , 420 and Europe gathered this weekend in Valencia RCN  with 103 boats of various parts of the Community. The excellent weather conditions have allowed a total of five tests, two on Saturday and three on Sunday in which at the end of the race winners have demonstrated a good level and continuity, leaving few surprises in the rankings.
In Laser Standard Jesus Rogel, who already took lead in the table on Saturday, has achieved the  Regional Cup without loosing the top position in any of the tests. The largest class is Laser 4.7, in which 47 units were involved repeating last year’s victory Unai Peraita. In Laser Radial, Cerdan Vernon took second place on the podium.
Ascensión Roca de Togores sweeps Europe Class
In the Europe class female sailors RCN Torrevieja have dominated the table, occupying the top two Ascension Roca de Togores and Mercedes Fernandez, being champion and runner-up respectively in absolute and female categories. Roca de Togores was very pleased to take home the Regional Cup as “all that is winning makes you always happy,”  she assured, adding that “now we go for  the Cup of Spain.”


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