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Outstanding marks for our youth sailors in the III Meeting of Provincial Youth Sailing in CN Burriana.

Angel Baeza was declared overall winner of the Optimist class C and Victor Mhyr achieved 5th place in Bic Techno.
The Optimist C-TEAM of the RCN Torrevieja, packed the top of the classification at the III Provincial Youth Sailing at CN Burriana, for Optimist class C, Bic Techno and in the Open Class
The Bic Techno team of our club, less experienced than their competitors, showed great courage and endured competitive low temperatures under difficult sailing conditions. Still, Victor Mhyr had an excellent performance and did not fail to qualify in fifth place.
The test also scored for the Bic Techno regional circuit of Valencia and was important for the youth Bic Techno; they put all their courage to face the cold and score points in the ranking of the regional modality. Important also for the smallest in the Optimist C, little ones,  and the most inexperienced at the sail, which also gave them a lesson in sailing on Sunday, with participants from Torrevieja, Valencia and Castellon.
The event began on Saturday. The wind was blowing 8 knots from the North, but had made the sea conditions very difficult for the boards, with overfalls. Gradually the sea calmed down, but the wind fell sharply and veered to the Northeast,  East and Southeast. The imposed weather conditions forced to delay the start. Finally the listing of the Bic Techno went to water and managed to complete two tests. On Sunday, very cold  but sunny, the Bic Techno completed two more tests. The fifth place went to Victor Mhyr, of the RCN Torrevieja.
The Rules for the results generally decided the domination of the RCN Torrevieja: Angel Baeza, became champion and on the podium he was accompanied by Lucía Servy  and Bernabé Carnicero and Lucy being  the first classified girl. The fourth place went to Maria Hostalet and Paula Giménez was ranked eighth. * Information provided by the Press Office of the FVCV.

CHRONICLE FROM THE WATER by Sergio García Torregrosa, coach of the RCNT Bic Techno

“Last weekend, 11 and 12 February, our novice regatta sailing teams went to the other end of our Communidad, Burriana (Castellón), to consolidate their preparation for participation in regional ranking and qualification races.
As it happens in Spain, it has been a very cold weekend,  around O degrees and frost occurring overnight. Our windsurfers sailed on Saturday maintaining their spirit against  the kind of cold and wind of 11 knots. The Optimist team trained on Saturday to learn the race course also under cold and windy conditions. On Sunday, even if cold, they sailed with a wind from the South up to 10 knots, where the boards completed two runs and the Optimists 3 races.  The Optimist results were really good and we held the first 4 positions as well as an 8th .

We were classified as follows: Angel Baeza 1st , Bernabé Carnicero 2nd , Lucía Servi 3rd (1st Girl), Maria Hostalet 4th and Paula Gimenez  8th , in a table of 24 entries. Coach Teresa Perez was complimented both at sea and on land for the magnificent results of her winning fleet winner.
As for the boards, they consolidate continually their progression among windsurfers in our Communidad that have the advantage of years but they are coming closer. The classification was as follows: Victor Myhr 5th , Oscar Myhr 6th Manuel Cazorla 7th in a field of 14 entries. We want to give our most sincere congratulations to all these young champions who stood up to the weather and at no time hesitated to go to sea to defend the colors of their club.


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