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UNAI PERAITA CHAMPION IN THE Laser 4.7 in the RCN Valencia Trophy

In the Real Club Náutico de Valencia this weekend breathed the air of the big  races, with the presence of a very large sailing fleet from various clubs and marinas in the Valencia and Murcia Region. The reason was the RCN Valencia Trophy, a race counting for the regional championship for the classes Standard Laser 4.7 and Regional Cup for Laser Radial and 420.
The first day a mean wind of 6 knots developed,  maybe a little shifty, which allowed three races for the 420 and Laser Standard and only two in the Laser Radial and 4.7. While in the first race the wind blew from the southeast at 115 degrees, over the morning it was veering to the east and at the end from 80 º. The Race Committee was very successful  realizing rapid changes in all tests. On Sunday the wind did not reach 5 knots, so no tests were conducted except for the optimist, who sailed two rounds with very little wind.
Unai Peraita took the Laser 4.7 victory thanks to two races on the Saturday, where a first and a third place were obtained. In the Standard Laser three tests were sailed at the end of which Daniel Canovas finished 5th.
Both tests were counting  for the General ranking for the Region of Valencia.


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