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The Valencia Association of Nautical Clubs advances in her objectives after meeting with the Department of Infrastructure.

The Regional Minister of Infrastructures, Isabel Bonig confirms the line of work initiated by former Councilor Mario Flores regarding Nautical Clubs.
The Regional Minister of Infrastructures, Isabel Bonig, at a meeting held on September 7th with the Association of Nautical Clubs of Valencia (ACNCV), at the headquarters of the Department of Infrastructure, confirmed the line of work initiated by the previous team Councillor, Mario Flores, who agreed to include in the Act of Assisting Budgets of the “Generalitat”, the renewal of concessions for the non-profit yacht clubs, without calling in more tenders.
These statements of Ms. Bonig have been very well received by Arturo Miquel, President of the Valencia Nautical Clubs, who was accompanied at the meeting by Germain Soler, president of the RCNT and member of the Board of the ACNCV; Arturo Miquel welcomed these reassuring statements for the Association of yacht clubs, ending the uncertainty present in most yacht clubs of Valencia about administrative concessions which have already expired or will do in the very near future.
Carlos Eleno, Director of Transportation, said during the meeting that the Comunitat Valenciana will be the first in Spain to adapt to the Autonomous Ports Act passed by the State Congress with the support of the two main political parties PP and PSOE. The standard contains provisions which allow the renewal of grants to clubs with proven water sports.
German Soler agrees entirely with the statements made by the President of the ACNCV and this new momentum will provide stability to the yacht clubs, especially those who have exhausted their original grants, enabling them to plan and think each case needing investment required to adapt many facilities, in some cases more than 35 years old. Miquel estimates that all the yacht clubs of the Valencia Community may invest an amount of 70 million Euros in improving and adapting their infrastructure to be able to maintain the high level of business tourism and yacht clubs. Note that most of the Water Sports Clubs are certified like the best Spanish companies for  Environment and Quality, some of them even carry the Q for Tourist Quality and Control.


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