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The Real Club Náutico of Torrevieja wins the II Rowing Promotion Regatta.

With a total of 5 Gold medals, 3 Silver and 3 Bronze the athletes of the RCN Torrevieja withstand this test.
The Regatta consisted of a Biathlon in running and Hometrainer rowing, and took place on  the municipal athletics track “Daniel Plaza” of Torrevieja, which brought together nearly 200 athletes from different clubs in the Communidad..
Organised by the Valencia Federation of Rowing and the Torrevieja Brotherhood of Fishermen, this competition has established itself as an interesting way to check the fitness of athletes a few weeks from the season’s start.
In Women Alevín, Andrea Solano of CRCP-Torrevieja took gold, followed closely by Ana Cantó of the RCR Alicante, Carmen Vila of the RCN Torrevieja.
In the category Male Alevín, gold and silver were for athletes Juan Antonio Mirete and Daniel Marcus of RCN Torrevieja, respectively. The bronze went to Marcos Hernandez of RCRA.
In the Girls sector gold also fell in Torrevieja, with the help of Laura Gil RCNT. The silver went to the shirt of CN Santa Pola, Maria Cano, and bronze was for Gabriela Bernal-Cardenas of RCR Alicante.
In the boys class, one of the most popular categories with 32 participants, gold was up for Jose Antonio Navarro CN Campello, silver and bronze were for athletes of the RCNT,  Alejandro Viñuela and  Víctor Muñoz
In Female Cadet with 18 participants, the gold was for Sara Perez of RCRA, and silver and bronze for Nadia Felipe and Aitana Alberola of the CNCampello.
In Cadet Male, gold remained in the CRCPT with Angel Paredes, followed by Alicante Racing’s Juan Reimondo and  Andrés Espinosa of the RCNTorrevieja
In Junior Women there were only two participants, Mireya Ortigosa of RCNT who won the gold and Maria Ramirez of C.N.C. silver.
In Junior Men, the gold was for Luis Claudio Lopez, RCN Torrevieja., Silver and bronze went to the rowers of CN Campello, Diego Ibáñez and Jonathan Perez.
In the Overall Male category, the podium was entirely for the rowers of the Yacht Club Campello with Javier Martinez (gold), Ricardo Hernandez (silver) and Daniel Reinosa.
In Female Veteran with four participants the top three were for the shirts of CRCPT Natividad Garcia (gold), Belinsa Badia (silver) and Cristina Bernabé (Bronze).
In Men’s Veteran, attended by twelve athletes, a  RCN Torrevieja triplet, with Francisco Fernandez (gold), Adam Heil (silver) and Antonio Ortigosa (bronze).
The next test will be on March 17, but then the competition will be in the water.


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