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THE CADETS OF THE RCNT ROWING TEAM CHAMPIONS MEDITERRANEAN SUMA LEAGUE FIXED BANK Three silver medals went to the RCNT award chest in the Xth SUMA League Final Race in Denia

This past weekend, 5th and 6th May, in Denia the Xth SUMA final League Race Mediterranean Fixed Bank was held, organized by the Rowing Federation of Valencia and Real Club Näutico de Denia.
With great results for the rowers of RCNT, silver medal in the category veterans,  women-veterans and cadets, and after two intense days of racing, the 10th SUMA League Final Race for Fixed Mediterranean Bank was completed;  organized by the Rowing Federation Valencia and Real Club Nautico de Denia,with  more than 500 athletes from throughout the Valencian Proivince.
In addition to the three silver collected in this race, thanks to the results of the other races in the league, the cadets are champions in the league season and the veterans are runners-up.. All these results indicate that these victories are not random, they are rather the result of many hours of training and sacrifice. Now all that remains is the final and most important of all the results so far competed: the Championship of Spain. It will bring together the best in each of their categories and that’s where our teams will have to take the stand and continue to demonstrate their value.


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