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Soler Germán, re-elected as President of the Real Club Náutico Torrevieja, to direct the goals for the next four years

February 15th the new Board was officially appointed, chaired by German Soler Hernandez; he will lead the Real Club Náutico over the next four years.
According to the statutes of RCNT with a first completed four-year term, elections were called for Germán Soler as president of the club. After the set deadlines, the new Board for the next four years was formed yesterday, and will be chaired by Germán Soler Hernandez.
The new Board, composed of fifteen members and four delegates, has not changed substantially since the previous term, with new members: Jorge Marcos assuming the post of Treasurer,  Gabriel Hostalet, Office of Sail Cruising, Mercedes Martin in the Investigation Committee for dinghy sailing and Conchita Albentosa in Social Activities.
In his opening speech  addressed to the Board, Germán Soler highlighted the two pillars as key commitment that his presidency is built on. One of them is to renew the Administrative Concession for the maximum period allowed by law to provide continuity and future to the entity. The other pillar is to keep, with all energy required , the sporting potential of both racing teams rowing and sailing as well as fishing at regional and national levels and maintain the intensity in the organisation of water sports in our Club and for our members to promote tourism in Torrevieja.
Soler devoted his dedication to the members leaving the Board expressing words of encouragement to all the new members of the Board of Directors for the nobility of the mission to which they are committed for the next four years.
He also highlighted the strong support that the city of Torrevieja is giving right now to the Real Club Náutico Club to undertake such crucial goals that the institution has set for the next few years.


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