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Rowing and dinghy sailing of the Royal Nautical Club Torrevieja was a part of the SPORT GALA XVIII of Torrevieja. The rowing team of the RCNT took three of the four presented awards for the season’s best athletes that night.

On the evening of Saturday 24th  September, at the Sports Gala XVIII of Torrevieja, the rowing and sailing teams of the Real Club Náutico flew the pavilion very high when obtaining three awards, four honorable mentions and two nominations for best athlete overall.
The rowing team of the RCNT took three of the four main awards for the season.
So: the title for best coach went to Adam Heil Aldeguer facing 9 more candidates; Alejandro Viñuela Box became the best promising athlete, compared to 15 applicants, and Carmen Villa Perez picked up the trophy for best promising athlete among the 10 females who went for the title.
Mireya Ortigosa Mateo, in the rowing section, and Mercedes Fernández Pellicer and Vernon Cerdán, in sailing, collected their awards for absolute best aspirant Athlete finalists. Also special mentions were awarded to Ascension Roca de Togores, in the sailing section and the rowing teams for Youth 4 Scull, Veteran Male and Female Veterans.
Carlos Carmona, member of our sailing club, was part of the jury that was composed of José Antonio Carmona Treviño, Director of Council Sports Installations, Francisco Javier Pérez Rebollo, Sports Director of the Council Schools, Carlos Muñoz González, President of the Torrevieja Racket Club, José Vicente Berná Atienza, President of the Tennis Club Torrevieja, Javier Fernández Vizcaíno y Ramón Sánchez Martos, Representing the communications sector, y Daniel Plaza Montero, Sports Councillor.
Congratulations to all the winners, certainly deserving this official and public recognition.
Your club is very proud of you all and the other members who may not have been awarded, but deserve recognition for their dedication and efforts from all members of the Real Club Náutico Torrevieja.


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