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RCNT pupils sweep the Spanish Rowing Championships held in Galicia.

One gold, three silvers and one bronze medal were earned by these young athletes in the Spanish Championship held last weekend in the Castrelo do Miño (Galicia) Reservoir.
The river Miño, a hallmark of Galicia, was the scene on the 8th , 9th  and 10th July of this long awaited championship, which marks the end of the season.
Testing began in a climate equally variable as the emotions of the participants, from sun to rain and the tears to joy in a split second, all spiced with the occasional gust of wind. In the race course, the Spanish public, mingled with the ebb and flood of athletes who continually moved the boats and oars from one side to another. The flags and music are also often missing in these events but never in Galicia where they even transferred people with typical octopus shaped flats from the little bars nearby.
On Sunday, the finals began. The first silver went to Patricia Hurtado Eliana Rodriguez and her double Scull. After a very even competition, these girls close to collapse, continued fighting, and almost dieing after a sprint got a well deserved second place.
In the category Skiff for girls, Carmen Vila, after a strong fight  with all participants knew very well how to take the pressure getting the second silver medal in the morning.
There was Gold for Alexander Vinuela starring in another of his comeback films and becoming the first to outpace his rivals.
The morning was promising, the next medal was silver and this time for four young guys formed by Daniel Marco, Juan Miguel Pérez, Víctor Muñoz and Rafael Prats. From the moment of departure they showed their strength and coordination and helped by the unfailing support of the crowd did not give up, managed to reach the finish line, glued to the winners of their test.
The last medal of the day was coloured bronze and went to a young female Four-Scull composed of Lorena Esteve, Alicia Sánchez, Clara Roselló y  Llanos García.
It is also important to mention the excellent work done by the crew of 2XAM formed by Manuel Torrado and Antonio Cazorla, the 1XIF Paula Rodriguez, Alejandro Valero 2XIM and Alvaro Roca and finally 4XCM Hector Rodriguez, Armando Lorenzo, Andres Espinosa Javier Garcia and even if they may not have achieved the results they would have liked, they went very well motivated and produced  rivals with optimal level of fitness obtaining the podium on this occasion.
Do not forget the Real Club Náutico of Torrevieja has been the club that has been most successful of all the clubs in the Valencian Community participating in this championship. Congratulations to all members of this team as well as the technicians and trainers.
Nati P. Caselles.


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