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College “La Pusísima B” Champion of “Jocs Sportius” in the headquarters in Torrevieja.

This morning at the Real Club Náutico Torrevieja the final of the “Jocs de Vela Infantil Sportius” were held at the Headquarters in Torrevieja; among the three finalists: the school La Purisima B, Acequión school, and Cuba college.
Early in the morning, with excellent sailing conditions, the young athletes, with vocation and aspirations for high level sailing, occupied the docks and ramps at the RCN Torrevieja to prepare their boats.
The regatta, boat against boat was executed in the form of match racing for which throughout the school year, the children of the Comunidad Valenciana were prepared to live, train and compete as a team at sea. The technique match racing is the same used by such prestigious competitions like the America’s Cup, and most similar to the system of competition in other sports. Only one ship against another ship in the race course, and a round or series of confrontations (round robin) faced on all against all. He who wins a game or match, scores a point.
From the early rounds, the Purissima B college dominated the course, leading the ranking until the end of the race, since it provides a ticket to contest the grand final in Burriana.
There was a tie between the college and Acequión School and Cuba College, a situation that compelled the judges to hold an extra match between the two teams to determine the second and third place.
The two teams fought without respite against their opponent. Finally, the balance tipped to Cuba, together with the school team La Purisima, Torrevieja defends the colours in the grand  – interprovincial – final to be sailed on June 11 at the Sailing School of Burriana.
Coinciding with this event so important for future sailors, the APANEE Children’s Association received their baptism of the sea, showing their enthusiasm by participating in a race against the Purisima and Acequion, and succeeded to qualify in second place.
According to the agreement signed between the RCNT and APANEE, whose results have been very successful, this is the third and final baptism of sea held this season.
From this spot we want to congratulate the winners and, of course, all participants in the Jocs Sportius Event because the good weather has allowed them to enjoy a great sports days at sea.
The Real Club Náutico Torrevieja likes to thank all parents and teachers of the participating schools, and  the support they have given and how they demonstrated an involvement for Sportius Jocs  that resulted in a success that exceeded every previous season.


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