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Ascensión Roca de Togores, of the RCN Torrevieja, champion in Grand Prix Vela of Blanés in the Europe for Women

The race was first scoring regatta for the 2012 Spanish Cup. Mercedes Fernández became first spanish of the Junior Women.
Ascensión Roca de Togores, of the RCN Torrevieja, became champion of Grand Prix Vela of  Blanes in the Europe class, which took place in the Catalan city between 3rd  and 5th  January. The test is open to participants from any provenance, was also the first scoring round for the Spanish Cup 2012 in the Europe class. Both for females, as well as in overall women Ascensión Roca de Togores became winner, and also her club mate, Mercedes Fernandez who ended as first spanish in the Junior women Class.
Between 3rd  and January 5th  the Grand Prix Vela of Blanés took place . An open trial together with the 29ers, 420 and Europe.
In the Europe the test mode was twice as important because it focused on the best international athletes, but also had a national test category, because it concerned the first scoring round qualifying for the World Cup in Spain 2012.
For the women, there was the unquestionable triumph of Ascensión Roca de Togores,of the RCN Torrevieja, seventh in the overall total, the Torreviejana took a 16 point lead over her immediate follower. With these results, Ascensión Roca de Topgores returns to lead the qualification to retain her title of champion of the Spanish Cup in the Europe class.
In junior women, the first Spanish to arrive, and therefore a candidate for the title in this discipline was Mercedes Pellicer, of the RCN Torrevieja, who is leading the Youth Cup in Spain in females, and ranks third in the overall women class.


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