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Triumph for the Rowing cadets and veterans in the tenth and final League race for Fixed Bank, held in Denia. 

It is dogged as does it, the saying goes and in this is how it occurred last Sunday in Denia, where the tenth and final race of the regional league Fixed Bank was held. On the one hand, the cadets are still giving us joy and satisfaction in their line, which shows that at no time the team has lost the concept of obtaining a thrilling first place with (3:07,87). It looks like these guys, with the encouragement of their families and the public have institutionalized the “yuhuuuuu” for victory. On the other hand, the veterans who, after having been champions of Spain for the last three years, have brought into this last League race, a commendable second place. 
The veteran team, won a first place in the B final, placing them in fifth place overall, fifth place that does not match what was proven to be competitive solvency, if you stick to the times obtained. Thus, the women insist, race after race to show that they are there and they will continue fighting to keep improving their position, sooner or later they will. 
We must not forget that these three teams representing the Real Club Náutico Torrevieja are rated to go to Spain’s next Championship to be held in Cádiz in late May, we are confident that their results will serve as an incentive to improve in this important event.


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