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Trabuco of Francisco Martinez Torregrosa, stands up in victory for the class RI A, in the Altura Trophy of the RCR Alicante

The traditional Altura Trophy at the Royal Alicante Racing Club ended yesterday with the victory of Francisco José Martínez’ Trabuco in RI A, Notenom of Francisco Tornero in RI B and Blue Oscar of Ernesto Hernandez in the RI Club class. A day marked by  an intense 80 miles in which 120 sailors faced a tough journey in which the uncontrollable wind and waves played an important role.

As expected, the race went off without any incident and was followed in real time by satellite. A day in which it was demonstrated mastery of all vessels during the course of the test. Despite this and the many dropouts, Tabarca saw the triumphant arrival of the boats that beat the storm.

Trabuco of Francisco José Martínez (Real Club Náutico of Torrevieja), and Notenom of Francisco Tornero, Real Racing Club de Alicante, achieved the top spot in Classes RI A and B respectively.

In second place was Manuela II of Francisco Sarmiento, CN of Santa Pola, while Peggy IV of Vicente  Castañer, of the Real Racing Club de Alicante, ranked third in the RI A category.



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