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Organized by the CVRF and the Real Club de Regatas de Alicante, on Saturday January 21ST  the first promotion rowing race of the season was held. Successful participation was secured because a total of 105 sailors from different clubs, Alicante, Torrevieja, Santa Pola, Campello and Gandia, in all categories, youth, infant, and both male and female cadet gathered in Alicante waters.
The day dawned sunny, very nice, and with little wind. This situation led the rowing teams of the Municipal School and RCNT formed by 24 athletes organised into 16 crews, to take out enough strength and courage to obtain no less than 14 medals.
Of these, eight were gold, divided between Clara Rosselló and María de los Llanos García in the category 2xAF, Carmen Vila in 1xAF,  Alejandro Viñuela in 1xIM, Rafael Prats and Víctor Muñoz in 2xIM, Agustín Verger in 1xIM, Daniel Marco in 1xAM, Gabriel Martínez and Eduardo Vila in 1xCM and Juan A. Esteve en  2xAM
The two silver were for Laura Gil in 1x!F and Alejandro Valero in the 1xCM.
The remaining four bronze medals went to Alicia Sanchez and Lorena Esteve in 2XAF Juan  Miguel Perez and Jose Gabriel  Andreu in the 2xIM, Ian Capasso in the 1x1M and Carmen Follana and Lucia Perez 2xCF.
On the other hand the work performed included a 4th place in 2xCF, Paula Rodriguez and Ana Maria Martin and 5th  in 2xCF,for Amelia Grau and Gioselin Reina.
Congratulations for all these great results. Our teams started the new season of sliding  bank extremely well. Now we wait for the next meeting on Feb. 11th  in the Second Promotion Race, organized by the Club de Remo Fishermen’s Association of Torrevieja.
Report: Nati Perez Caselles


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