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Open Championship Europe Class

Expectations were more than met in the Open Championship Europe Class. the women of the RCN Torrevieja offered a great show and occupied the top of the general ranking, for Women and Girls
16th and 17th April the Open Championship Europe Class was held at the Real Club Náutico Torrevieja. The best sailing conditions were enjoyed during the two days, that led to the completion of all series,  preset by the committee.
Ascension Roca de Togores got the bronze medal in the Open Championship Europe Class  and the gold in the women. Mercedes Fernandez Pellicer and Mari Carmen Fernandez Pellicer, placed fourth and fifth in the overall standings and won the first and second place respectively, on the podium for girls.
The awards ceremony was postponed until next weekend when the Cup of Spain in the Europe Class is to be held in our waters


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