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Milocha of RCN Torrevieja and the Swany RCR Alicante winners of the 2011 Regatta Estrella Levante XII.

Spectacular boating in the bay of Torrevieja. Estrella Levante XII race sailed to San Pedro del Pinatar.
In the morning there were perfect conditions for recreation as well as racing. Splendid sun, pleasant temperatures and winds increasing as the hours passed.
As expected, once the boats and the skippers’ meeting  was completed, participants took the barbecue in heartily, to regain strength as some ships had sailed overnight from their home ports to Torrevieja. Plenty humor, teasing and anecdotes over past editions.
A catamaran chartered by the sponsor, was docked at a pier of the Real Club Náutico Torrevieja, and prepared in great detail in order to welcome more than ninety Estrella Levante guests.  The  crews were so lucky to follow the race from this vessel which made it double so nice because they were privileged spectators of the race and also received every attention.
Right on schedule and in strict order, to different groups of vessels that made up the total fleet turned out. In the fourth round there was a collision between two boats, but fortunately without personal consequences but forced one of the boats to leave the competition.
East wind to 12 knots, the fleet headed upwind to the offset mark located at 0.8 nautical miles from the coast. Once rounded, the boats hoisted Spi and headed straight for Isla Grosa.
The race was uneventful. Steady winds from 80 degrees, ranging between 10 and 12 knots, led to a rapid passage. In 16 hours Isla Grosa was rounded, in real time, by the Milocha of Fran Martínez Torregrosa.
In just 3 hours the first ships made their entry into the Club Náutico Villa de San Pedro, accounting for the fleet of the RCN Torrevieja the top five of the provisional overall standings led by the Estela Polaris of Guillermo Beltri, followed closely by Milocha, Francisco Martínez Torregrosa. Third Viryi skippered by Carlos Carmona, the fourth and fifth place were for Octopus Black and Greek, of Pedro Gil and José María Fernández’ Rebollo.
The provisional classification was confirmed and the Estela Polaris of Guillermo Beltri;, Milocha of  Francisco Martínez Torregrosa, and Viryi owned by Carlos Carmona, took the podium to collect a trophy, as well as the first participant in each category. Delivery of trophies to the winners of the first day was held during the festival that took place in a famous hotel in San Pedro del Pinatar.
According to the schedule prescribed by the organization, on Sunday 29 at 11 am, with winds of 30 degrees and 8 knots strength, the fleet took off for the second test. As they passed Cabo Roig, wind collapsed falling to 4 knots. The fleet was paralyzed at the mercy of the whims of Aeolus. Now almost an hour later they were launched again driven by a very shifty and unstable wind ranging from 12 to 17 knots.
On arrival at the port, the participants discussed the day waiting to enjoy the giant paella offered by the sponsors.
The awards ceremony was held on the terrace of RCN Torrevieja, chaired by Councilman Sports of the Torrevieja Council, Don Daniel Plaza, the General Director of Estrella Levante, Don Patricio Valverde, and the President of RCN Torrevieja, Don Germain Soler, and the Head of the Maritime District of Torrevieja, Oscar Villar Serrano. Also attending the ceremony, the members of the sailing club and the judges of the race.
The overall winner of the Estrella Levante Cruiser Race XII became Francisco Martínez Torregrosa with his boat Milocha of the  Real Club Náutico Torrevieja. The first place in the Estrella Levante IX for two sailors was for Gonzalo Infante Martínez-Pardo with Swany of Real Club de Regatas de Alicante. The second and third overall were classified as José M ª Fernandez with the ship Griego of  the RCNT, and José Antonio Beltri, in Roka’s V RCR Alicante. In class two, Thierry Lallemand  of the Guaguanco, NC Altea, and Armando Alflayo with Sayonara  of RCNTorrevieja, ranked second and third place respectively.
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