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Guzmán Aniorte and Antonio Mesa winners of the 1st race of the Mabre Competition



The early morning of June 23rd it took place the 1st race of the Mabre Fishing Competition with the participation of 15 fishermen on 7 boats.
The fishermen set sail Saturday at 22 hours, being the weigh-in Sunday between 6 and 7 o’clock. In spite of a bad night to fish, the 1st race was closed with a total of 41,140 kg. of mabres.
The participants of the boat “Tamara y Celia”, Guzmán Aniorte and Antonio Mesa, were the absolute winners with a total of 13,865 kg. of mabres.
The biggest fish was caught by Fernando Marcos, with the boat “Dos Marcos”, and with 0,700 kg.


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