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From our Sensaciónes Náuticas  a group of children has emerged, after several summer courses which have become the quarry of the Optimist sailors team of the Real Club Nautico Torrevieja. The group, very compact and homogeneous, is composed of children between 8 and 10 years with a similar level of preparation. Since June, when they underwent an intensive one week training, under the guidance of their current coach, Sergio Garcia Torregrosa, these boys have undergone an evolution and since then, they are very good in the children’s  sailing  Optimist B and A.
The boys, who have demonstrated exceptional qualities to be part of the RCNT sailing team, will train three days a week until September. Once this training period is finished, the RCN Torrevieja will propose a week of concentration in the High Performance Centre in Los Narejos together with the other members of the sailing team. From there on they can become part of the official sailing team of the RCN Torrevieja.
On the other hand, the children’s and youth sailing team of the RCN Torrevieja does not know these new boys and the Optimist A and B teams have continued to train under the guidance of Enrique Mena and Sergio Garcia Torregrosa, respectively, and also the Laser Europe attended the class in July, organized by the Spanish Sailing Federation, at a gathering  in Barcelona, ​​after the European and World  Championship.
With respect to windsurfing, Sensaciónes Náuticas is providing training courses of three hours for beginners who are new to this discipline offered by the RCN Torrevieja. The courses consist mainly in learning the techniques of navigation on the board and the management of it. So far three complete courses have been given and the fourth is on its way, with a very well meant thanks to the favourable times.
The results of the three previous years have been so outstanding that the club already has a team of windsurfing racers, also trained by Sergio García Torregrosa, who is preparing for a second season and the team hopes to get good results on a regional level and establish itself as the second team in Valencia Windsurfing club behind the Spanish-French pioneer in this discipline with a long history behind them, belonging to the French School in Valencia.
Santa Pola, Gandia and Burriana are forming their teams. Between them, there is the foundation of the drive in Valencia to improve this new discipline that is nautically supported by the Spanish Sailing Federation and by the Sailing Federation of Valencia.
To get from 0 to 100 do not be discouraged. The team of children’s and youth sailing of RNCT is aware of their responsibility and face the challenge with dedication. To get from 0 to 100 and become champions, Laser, Europe, Optimist A, Optimist B, C and Windsurfing they must continue to train in the summer and preparing as if it were racing season.


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