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Last Saturday, August 25, the first race of the season of the YAWL RACING LEAGUE was held at the Club Náutico de Gandia in the coxed four, where our representatives got a second place in the four categories in which they competed.
At 9:30 in the morning with a little wind and a lot of heat the racing started. The first race was started by the cadets, AMELIA GRAU, CARMEN MARTINEZ, GIOSELIN REINA, LUCIA PEREZ, and VALERIA ARRIBAS at the helm, who qualified for the final with the third time. Later, as only three boats would take part, this team entered the final race with the third time in a tight tie.
In the finals the girl cadets, already a little more quiet, won a silver Medal  in a very good race; noteworthy result and that was a great joy for the team as it is their first race in competition .
Veterans, JORGE BALLESTER, JOAQUIN MARTINEZ, ROBERTO NIETO, J. MARIA WANDOSEL, and Angel Torres at the helm, in a direct final also achieved second place in the standings, like the Youth, HECTOR RODRIGUEZ, FEDERICO VALERO, KEVIN LORENZO, LUIS ALBERO and ANGEL TORRES at the helm, who fought to the last moment for a second place.
In the final overall class, our rowers CRISTIAN SANCHEZ, JOSE DANIEL MARTINEZ, ADAN HEIL, GONZALO GIORDANO, with Angel Torres at the helm, competed for the top position with the Racing Club Alicante throughout the race, exceeding several times their opponent, but in the end the good work of Alicante relegated them to second place.
With these results, depending on the results they get in the next race of the season, the four teams of the Real Club Náutico, are in qualifying positions for the Championship of Spain to be held in Alicante, so … that is an encouragement !


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