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Excellent performance of our youngest rowers in the Spanish Championship of Rowing

During the weekend of the 5th-7th July, it took place in Banyoles (Gerona) the XX Spanish Championship of Rowing in tyke, child and cadet categories, where our children achieved 2 bronze medals, one in Female Child Skiff category where Carmen Vila Pérez was about to reach the second place in a close final, as well as the members of the Male Child 2X, Alejandro Viñuela Box and Daniel Marco Chapapría, who after competing very hard to qualify, they had to fight strongly to achieve this third place.
It is worthy of mention our two members of the Male Tyke 2X category, Eduardo Vila Pérez and Ángel Catalá Ortiz, who took part in the final being their first time in a national competition and finishing in 4th place. As well as our girls of Female Child 4X category, Clara Roselló, Alicia Sánchez, Laura Gil and Mª de los Llanos García, who reached the 5th place in the final A.
Our children of Male Child 4X category were less lucky, Víctor Muñoz, Juan Antonio Mirete, Ian Capasso and Juan Miguel Pérez, who finished in the final B. And finally, the members of our two Cadet Skiff, Paula Rodríguez and José Gabriel Andreu, and María Barroso too, who reached only the play-off.


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