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Daniel Cánovas and Javier Rojas, 29 er members of the RCNT team, picked up the Trophy Barco de Sal in the Regional dinghy Championship

This weekend 122 sailors from the Comunidad de Valencia gathered at the Real Club Náutico to contest the Barco de Sal Trophy, in a regional dinghy race intended for the  classes: Std Laser, Radial, 4.7, Europe, 29er and 420.
Although the weather forecast announced some bad sailing conditions, lack of wind and rain, which omens fortunately failed to occur, and even if rain accompanied the sailors for most of the tournament, the wind was present in the two days of racing and all the races were completed, apart form  two of the eight planned for the 29ers, because there were gusts of 15 to 17 knots which caused several turnovers and the committee decided to close the championship. It was a fun race, in which the sailors demonstrated their ability and expertise.
Class 29 er:
The team of Daniel Cánovas and Javier Rojas, regatta sailors of the  RCN Torrevieja, topped the ranking on the first day with three points, followed by team mates: Ramón Ortega and Carlos Torrado, in second place, and David Azurmendi and Paloma Medina third. Both these teams tied at 7 points.
On day two the positions remained as on the first day, Daniel Cánovas and Javier Rojas signed for the first place in the standings and claimed the 29er class’ victory, and thanks to the scores in general, they also became Champions for the Trophy Barco de Sal.
Laser Radial Class:
On the first day, Unai Peraíta, of the RCN Torrevieja, won the first race but his team mate Vernon Cerdan recorded the two following, signing the top of the standings with eight points.
The third position was occupied by Eduardo Gallego Lopez, CNA Costa Blanca.
A turnaround on the second regatta day as Unai won all three stages and was placed at the top of the Radial classification, moving Vernon Cerdan to the second position. The spectacular recovery of Hector Dominguez Lizán, of the RCR Alicante, from the 12th to the 1st and  to 3rd on the day of the final, the bronze deprived Eduardo Gallego who was pushed to the 7th place overall.
Eva Van Baalen RCN Calpe, was the top-ranked women Radial class; Ana Olivas Marín, of the RCN Valencia, second and Carolina Sanmateu Soucase, of the RCN Gandia, became third.
Laser Standard Class:
Outstanding participation of the sailors of the R.CN of Valencia. the first day Jorge Navarro led the standings with 4 points and his team mates, Germán Gil and Paul Alapont, were positioned in 3rd and 4th place with 9 and 10 points. respectively. The second place was for Guillermo Andres Ponzinibbio, of the Marina Sailing Club,
On the second day, the excellent and regular performance of Guillermo Andres Ponzinibbio in six races was maintained and he rose to the top of the standings, displacing Jorge Navarro and Pablo Alapont to the second and third place overall.
Laser 4.7 Class
Lucia Albelda, the C.N. Calpe, was proclaimed winner of the Laser 4,7 class.7 and first woman of her class, scoring four of the six races held in the championship and far behind, with 21 points Ico Bottella, of the RCN of Valencia, was placed in 2nd. Nicholas Beur, NC Calpe, achieved the third position.
The second  female finisher was Irene Miras, of the CNA Costa Blanca, and third place was for Eva Gil, of the RCR Alicante.
Class 420
The RCN Valencia topped the top three places in the overall 420
On the first day, the team formed by Ferrán Mico and Andreu Pujol, of the RCN Valencia, led the ranking. Second were team mates Borja Boronat and Juan Boronat, Third place was reserved for a female couple of the RCN Castellón, formed by Cristina García Mulet and Cristina Ventura Blay.
The second day ranking moved in favor of the Boronat brothers who claimed the championship in the 420 class, displacing Ferrán Mico and Andreu Pujol to the second position. The third place went to Pau Chirivella and Alberto Criado.
Cristina García Mulet and Cristina Ventura Blay, classified first females in this class.
Europe Class
This time the eternal duel between Alejando Pareja of the CN Santa Pola y Ascensión Roca de Togores of the RCN Torrevieja leaned in favour of Torrevieja. Although the first day both sailors completed two tests with the same points, the outburst of the Torrevejense in the 2nd race made the marker tumble for Alejandro Pareja. The third place was for Juan Calvo Boronat of the RCN Denia.
However, on the final day of racing the spectacular comeback of Ascensión Roca made the RCN sailor of Torrevieja champion of the Europe class and the first in the female classification. Second place went to Rafael Ramon Borja, RCR Alicante who displaced Alenjandro  Pareja into third place overall.
The second female position was for Mari Carmen Fdez Pellicer of RCN Torrevieja, and the third for Irene Pareja Gonzalez of CN Santa Pola



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