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Ascensión Roca de Togores conquers again the Spain Championship of Europe Class

Masnou held between the 12th and 15th of September the Spain Championship of Europe Class, where our females reached the highest places of the podium.
The Championship took place during 4 days, being the first one for measuring and training, with 9 races and one discard.
The conditions of the competition were not easy for our sailors, with a wind excessively changeable.
The first day of competition they had little wind, about 5 knots, and it was sunny. During the second day, despite being cloudy and hot, the athletes had to overcome winds of 15-27 knots and waves of 3 metres. And although the last day seemed to be better, with a wind of 12-15 knots and waves of 1.5 metres, the wind fell down to 2-3 knots.
However, our females gave the best achieving the title of Absolute Champion,  Ascensión Roca de Togores, Runner-up, Mercedes Fernández, and the sailor Irene Sánchez who finished second junior.


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