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2013 TROPHY – PRESIDENT OF RCNT with A Norwegian accent -

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2013 TROPHY – PRESIDENT OF RCNT with A Norwegian accent

The boat APEX, of Norwegian owner Ole-Jan Miditun, was the overall winner of the 2013 edition of the Regatta PRESIDENT, with a first score for the Interclub Trophy South Zone.
On Saturday, a great day of sailing with a distance of 15 miles, 13 to 14 boats started the race, with a south wind of 10 knots which later rose to 15. Wind very stable, without great rollers or gusts. All boats that started the race also finished it.
On Sunday  15-16 boats started the race, although the forecast was for strong winds,  there was only 7-8 knots from the northwest. Nothing but the offset mark traced boats headed towards the first buoy, downwind with spinnaker and wind of about 10 knots. To come back to beacon # 1 and towards # 2, upwind, and then the wind began to climb to 13 to 15 knots. After the second and returning to buoy # 3, located off Cabo de Cervera, the wind continued to rise to 18, gusting 22 knots. Heading towards the beacon # 4, the gusting wind came on the quarter, and was becoming more intense, causing the boats to luff to remain steady. A half mile before beacon # 4 and until the arrival, the gusts were getting stronger reaching 25 to 28 knots.
No highlighting incidents except the withdrawal of two ships by some kind of breakage or malfunction.
Rosendo Zaragoza, with Glódaro, qualified in second place overall, followed by the boat Trabuco, Fran Martinez Torregrosa, both of RCNT. The three boats lead the classification of Class A
First place in class B was for the boat Antaviana III of CN Santa Pola, the owner Loop Machina SL The second and third place, respectively, were for Atoll III, Julio de los Reyes and Castillo III, of Jose Castillo, the two vessels belong to Cruise Sailing team of RCNT and the Meltemis of Chus Castellanos, who received special mention for their perseverance in the competition. 


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